Natural Hazard Disclosure Reports

Fast, complete, and accurate NHD Reports for Real Estate Transactions

July 1st starts the Defensible Space Inspection Report disclosure for properties in High or Very High Fire Severity Zones. Mountain properties should prepare for the peak of fire season by working on home hardening and defensible space vegetation management.

Celebrating 24 Years of Outstanding Service

Fast, complete, and accurate NHD Reports

GeoDisclosure is the premier natural hazard disclosure company for the Central Coast - Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. We provide comprehensive and accurate NHD reports for real estate professionals and their clients. Our reports are designed to fulfill mandatory state and federal disclosure requirements as well as local disclosure requirements. We have been the natural hazard disclosure experts of choice for the last 21 years!

Why Order a GeoDisclosure Report?

  • Better Disclosure Reports - Our reports are designed specifically for Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties and include important local disclosures unique to these Counties. See sample report here.

  • Local Knowledge and Experience – We have specialized in Santa Cruz County natural hazard disclosure since 1998. We are very familiar with real estate disclosure requirements from federal level down to town level.

  • Answers to Your Disclosure Questions – Our local experts are here to find answers to your disclosure questions quickly and easily. We are a "one-stop-shop" for all of your disclosure questions. Give us a call and find out.

  • Supporting Your Local Economy - We believe in keeping our money local to maintain a robust local economy. We purposefully spend our income on local businesses and charities as much as possible. We support the local tax base.

GeoDisclosure is a locally owned natural hazard disclosure service that has been disclosing for Realtors in Santa Cruz County for more than a decade and a half. We provide parcel-specific natural hazard disclosure reports necessary to fulfill the requirements of California Civil Code 1103, along with local and other important disclosures necessary for successful real estate transactions.

Our reports exempt the agents and their clients from the liability for natural hazard disclosure. The report is designed to be informative and concise for easy reading by agents and their clients. Another unique and valuable service offered is On-site Drainage and Erosion Evaluations, which is one of the most important and should be one of the first inspections you do for a property.